Mad for Plaid

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 9.57.27 PM
**Old Post! It’s crazy hot in the Bay Area right now 😜**

Let’s not start off our online relationship with a lie. I HATE cold weather! Personally, I’d prefer to not drown/suffocate in layers, nor sit useless because I can’t stop shivering. Honestly, most of the time I’ll throw this leather jacket on top of a cute dress or tank, jeans and some strappy heels and deal. BUT, this weather is just not allowing for that! I would slap the cold if I could.

Anyways, since I’ve been left with seemingly no choice, layers it is. I’m a fan of eye-catching details, and mixed prints & pops of color is definitely the way to go these days!

Let’s start from the bottom up (shoes are the most important part of an outfit after all):

1. These boots I’ve had for what seems like forever and I still love them. Knee-high and neutral = perfect for fall & a wardrobe essential.
2. Leggings have become something that every girl loves to wear but not everyone loves to see. Do yourselves a favor ladies and if you’re not planning on wearing them under a long tunic, find yourselves a thicker pair!
3. I love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes for obvious sentimental reasons but mostly because of the fit and feel! (You’ll find out I do so often) This plaid flannel is slightly oversized, but more than comfy.
4. This scarf is one of my FAVES. It is part of our 2014 Stella & Dot Fall Collection and I loved how well the fun take on plaid & polkadots in red & navy played against your typical black & white plaid of the shirt.
5. Ok, seriously if you want to talk about wardrobe staples >> Every woman needs a cropped moto jacket! It helps create your gorgeous shape and allows for a party in the back with the fun print of your top still exposed. Definite Must Have.
6. Last but not Least – the bag! Oh, how I love this bag. The Poppy pop was exactly what the fashion doc prescribed on this not so sunny day! It’s side-zip details, gold accents, and classic structure make for a great addition to this fun fall look.

Now, of course, I’m not going to just post a pic of a cute outfit and not show you where to get these pieces (or similar)! Happy shopping beauties <3<3

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 7.20.36 PM

Union Square Scarf, Stella & Dot, $59
Moto Zip Crop Jacket, Nasty Gal, $88
Plaid Flannel Shirt, American Rag, $39.50
Black Winter Leggings, American Apparel, $38
Over-the-Knee Boots, Forever21, $39.80
Madison Tech Bag, Stella & Dot, $158


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