I’ll forever be that one employee that always has the most random, creative, funky little details at her desk. But I say why not?! If I’m going to have to spend 8+ hours in this square you call my cubicle, it’s going to be the most full of life little square you ever done seen!! ;P

Anyways, check out these fun little decorative paper pumpkins you can easily make using the office supplies around you!

image  image
image  image

Sidenote: I feel like any time I make anything, it won’t be the last one I make haha. I made a pumpkin for myself and one other coworker and before you know it, I’ve made almost 10 in one day! (Don’t worry the workload was low that day).

Step 1: Find some colored paper! You’re going to need two sheets of paper per pumpkin. You know there’s some around you. You may not luck out with orange paper but there’s something! Something printed on one side? Who cares! Use it! Lol. If you reallllly don’t have colored paper, white & black décor is always very chic. 😉

image image

Step 2: Choose your design. I offered different designs including stripes, polkadots, blood, jack-o-lantern faces, spiders, or a combination of those, and at the request of one special coworker (only cause she’s pregs!) – sparkles!! For the stripes, polk-a-dots, & blood, draw your designs before any cutting. For the bloody pumpkin, draw the drips to only about halfway on your paper. The jack-o-lantern faces and spiders should wait. If you plan on drawing on a face, make sure you use a color other than black for your main design.

Step 3: Cut it into strips. I’m usually a crazy perfectionist, but if you can trust your eyeballing, skip the ruler and measurements! Cut the paper lengthwise in half, and then those halves in half, and then those halves in half so you end up with a total of 8 strips per page, 16 strips for one pumpkin.

image image

Step 4: Find your hole-puncher. Holepunch each strip on both ends.

Step 5:  Put it together! This would have been much easier with brad fasteners and string – BUT since I didn’t have either of those and I’m fairly keen at being resourceful, I used paper clips and tape! Lol. With the strips stacked and all facing one direction, I opened up the paper clip and stuck one through each end and closed it back together as tight as I could. I slipped another paper clip onto the inside and then secured the first paper clip to the paper with tape. (Repeat on both ends) Then I added two more paper clips to the ones sticking up to connect both ends making kind of a bow with my strips.
If you’re lucky enough to have brads around, no need for the tape! You will be using string to help create the shape of your pumpkin after the next step.


Step 6: Spread ’em out. Start separating each strip until you create your full pumpkin. If you did the bloody design, be aware of which direction to start spreading your strips. If you care that is, the blood can look kind of random instead of fluid if you don’t do it the right way – but it still looks great! Once you’ve spread the strips out to your liking you can finish securing the paper clips on the outside with more tape. If you plan to hang your pumpkin like I did, you’ll want to add one more paper clip to the top before you secure with tape.
If you’re using the brads, now would be the time to use your string. Tie it to the top of the pumpkin, and depending on how tall and skinny or short and fat you want your pumpkin or how much string you have lol, pull it down and tie it to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Step 7: Add any extra details. i.e. Jack-O-lantern face & spiders. I like to add these last so I can make sure the face lines up nicely and the spiders’ bodies aren’t split between two strips, (which as you can see I realized AFTER I finished the pumpkin below!)


TAH-DAH! Happy pumpkin-making! ❤
Be the fun employee w/ the awesome decorations! ;P


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  1. Love these! They’re so cute, and so simple! I’m definitely going to have to try these myself 🙂


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