Paper Fans

Paper fans are super simple and super cute! 

STEP 1 : Cut out your pieces. I found these fun maps at the Dollar Tree (picked up around 12 of them) and I just cut along the creases that were already there from when they were folded in the packaging. The edges do NOT have to be perfectly straight and the pieces need not be perfectly square.  The size of the pieces you use will determine the size of your fan. You will need four squares per fan.


STEP 2 : Get to foldin’! For a slightly bigger fan, fold each square hot dog style (parallel to the longer width of the sheet) into an accordion as pictured below. (To prevent yourself from an odd end, keep it simple by folding the whole sheet in half first and then continuously folding both sides in halves just to get the creases – you can invert the folds afterwards to get the accordion style you’re looking for). Folding it hamburger style will create a shorter but possibly fuller fan depending on how skewed the portions of your rectangle is and how many folds you decide to incorporate. Play with the dimensions for different fans to create a more intriguing overall look. But just make sure you fold all Four pieces to one fan the same way! After you folded all four into accordions, fold them all in half.


STEP 3 : Tape ’em together! Using double stick tape or the old-fashioned rolled tape, tape the bottoms of each of your four pieces together.


STEP 4 : Flip it over and close the gaps. Depending on the size of your fan, use multiple one inch strips of tape to bring the ends of each accordion together. Place a strip close to the center of the fan, a strip all the way at the ends, and as needed in between. Don’t worry about your ends not lining up perfectly – no one will notice and it’ll still look great! Keep taping until you’ve closed all the gaps!


Flip ’em over to see the final product. Make as many as you like and hang and overlay them to create fun décor for parties, or put them in an oversized 3D frame for every day wall art at home!


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