Diaper Cake

And another one!

192 diapers – as cute as the infant ones were from the last one they were just a touch too small, and now with these for 1 year olds they can keep the cake as a display for a lengthy amount of time before having to rip it to shreds!

I got much smarter this time around and decided to take the time to go out and buy rubber bands (something I was just too lazy to get out of the house for last time!). The assorted rubber band  packs from the Dollar tree are a Godsend for a project like this! The big ones were perfectttt for making each tier bigger and bigger, they were definitely a lot more secure, and they just made the whole process 10x faster. The clip-on butterflies were also found at the Dollar Store! For the ribbon, I also used a rubberband to bunch up the bow – (no real technique there lol) and then I stuck the ugly bunched end into the middle of the top tier.

Tah-dah! I love making diaper cakes! 😀

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  1. This is so cute!!!! For 1st year birthday, maybe 🙂

    Please visit or follow my blog (www.lazymomcooking.wordpress.com) or my Instagram (lazymom_cooking) for some recipe ideaa 🙂


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