A Shiny Opportunity


 I’ve been an independent stylist for Stella & Dot for a little over two years now. I joined while I was still working at the front desk of a hair salon and one of the clients, who was also a Stella & Dot independent stylist approached me about the stylist opportunity. Now I’ve tried other social-selling companies / business ventures /etc – Ariix selling vitamins & supplements and some home escrow who the hell knows business.. Lol obviously the mentality was there but the passion had yet to be found. Ever since high school I’ve thought over and over again about one day owning my own business and what it would consist of. I had never heard of Stella & Dot before this cute & stylish woman at the salon approached me. I had never been to a trunk show for anything – not tupperware, not clothing, not makeup. This time, for the first time, I was approached with the opportunity to run my own business in an industry that genuinely tickled my fancy.

So why do I continue to do Stella & Dot?
I do it for me. I do it because I genuinely believe in pursuing your passions, in doing what you love and living your style. I do it because it pushes me out of my comfort zone but all to make me a better business woman. I do it because it gives me something to get truly excited about. I do it because it lights my soul on fire. Oh, and it cuts me a paycheck 😉



 Stella & Dot is designed to work for ANY woman, whether you’re working full time as a lawyer, you’re not working at all, or you’re working non-stop chasing your 3 kids around. It is all about creating a business on YOUR time. If you only want to work 5 hours a week – go for it! If you want to work full time and do trunk shows every week – you go girl! There is NO pressure to sell a certain amount every month and TONS of rewards for when you do. You make your own goals and achieve them on your own time. Plus the tools our home office gives us makes it SO easy to run your business on the go!




I’ve honestly NEVER EVER met such an amazing, encouraging, enthusiastic, uplifting community of women. I’m sure you’ve thought at least once that ‘women are catty’ or they’re hard to get along with. Well, working alongside Stella & Dot stylists will refresh your entire perspective of women. Hop onto one of the manyy Facebook groups and just immerse yourself in everyone’s positivity, everyone’s incredible stories, and just one woman after the other celebrating the achievement of the next. Uplines, downlines, sidelines – every one is willing to help you better your business.

The Jewels 

OBVI! It took one flip through the catalog to convince me that I wanted in. There are tons of social selling accessories companies out there but I’ve been told over and over again from trunk show guests that Stella & Dot has one of the cutest & trendiest collections. Our quality is amazing & our hand-made designs are thanks to our celebrated and world-renowned Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris. We are known for the incredible versatility in our jewels which makes being a stylist SO. MUCH. FUN. Just being able to play with all the accessories, mix & match pieces, and constantly learn new ways to wear everything keeps the business so exciting.


Trunk Shows 

One thing you should know is that I hate sales. Yep, it’s true! So you may wonder why I’m in a business that involves sales.. but that’s not all Stella & Dot is about. Yes, it’s a boutique-style line of accessories in which stylists have trunk shows to sell the product – but the product truly does sell itself. & When you’re passionate about the product you work with – it truly doesn’t feel like work at all. I get so excited with every single trunk show because it’s always new and exciting women to meet & mingle with and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of showing off all the amazing ways to style our pieces. Oh and did I mention we carry more than just jewelry? We’re constantly expanding our line to become more of a lifestyle brand. We’ll be introducing tunics and sunglasses for our upcoming summer line!





Every year Stella & Dot hosts an amazing conference for stylists and potential stylists. I’ve gone both years since I’ve become a stylist and absolutely LOVE IT!!! It’s so much fun to be able to take a “business” trip to be surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of women that are just as excited about the company and upcoming line as you are. Plus, they’re all super stylish! I don’t know about you all but I’m typically the overdressed one of the bunch so it’s so much fun for me to be surrounded by other women that love dressing up just as much as I do. The conference comes with a sweet ‘swag bag’ of free jewels from the new line, a super glam Fashion Show to showcase the newest Fall line, opportunity to try on the full line in person, and an always extravagant dance party to really celebrate your business and your incredible decision to Do Something You Love! & Of course, Hoopla is jam-packed with workshops to help you improve your business the way You want to. The best part about these workshops is that they’re filled with tips & tricks given by other stylists just like you!




Why not?! 

Did you not just read what I wrote above!? Do it full-time or just sell online! It’s YOUR business to have fun with! + aside from the fun, it’ll help you develop so many skills from strengthening your communication skills to fine-tuning your eye for merchandising to learning the ins & outs of business management.

Training Resources 

You don’t have to be afraid of going at it alone. I’ll definitely be by your side to keep you energized and push you to reach your goals or celebrate your online sales! If not me, again there are a ton of women available at your fingertips on Facebook and our amazing “Stellaverse” forums. There is a whole library of great videos to help you with trunk shows and networking. Our VP of Training, Danielle Redner is AMAZING and so full of life – there is NO way you won’t feel amped up to grow your business after watching her!

To-die-for Discounts!

We have three different starter kit levels you can choose from to help you begin your journey as a fabulous stylist. Sign up for as little as $199 and get $350 in free accessories – umm, that’s already a great deal! Always enjoy 25% off our amazing line, but when you sell just the minimum amount each month, you’ll get to enjoy 50% off the newest collections and you’ll be on your way to earning 1 of our 3 ‘Stylefix’ coupons which give you even more than 50% off! Keep in mind all these free jewels are going to be on top of the commission you’ll be making! When was the last time you spent $199 on something that made you the money back and then some?


Contact me and let’s chat! >> kjuga@me.com


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