Seattle, WA

Our first stop? The Public Market of course!
(I swear I took way more pics then what’s seen here but they’ve magically vanished)


Making our way through the Public Market, we find our way to the infamous Gum Wall! .. which is really a gum alley. The epitome of gross meets awesome. Some walls were literally dripping with gum while others had a pretty cool artsy vibe to it with posters and flyers and graffiti as the canvas.


Yep, of course we had to make our own contribution! The Public Market is packed with interesting little shops (very vintage & international) including a handful of fun little candy stores! We bought some of that old school Hubba Bubba Bubble tape – the bigger the bubble the better!

It was kind of gross trying to figure out where you want to stick your finger in the wall of germs LOL but I made my mark in a less dense area. Can you figure out which one is mine in the photo below? ;P

The rest of our bubble tape was happily given to the most excited little school group of kids that were begggging their chaperone to go buy them some gum so they could add to the wall 🙂


More exploring at the Public Market brought us to the cutest community rooftop garden. There were so many beautiful colors, flowers and ingredients that had been planted by various locals. A few tables, quaint little benches throughout, and a view of the ferris wheel makes this the perfect lunch spot! (Although I can’t vouch for the deliciousness of the food available there!)


You can’t really tell but in the photo above, in the glass room, there was a pretty dope totem pole carving in the making!


Walking between the pier and the Seattle Aquarium had tons of fun art sculptures and games set up like table tennis and corn hole.


This was the view of the skyline taken from the ferry heading towards Bainbridge Island ❤


Got a kick out of these pouches found in one of the shops on the island..


Back in downtown & couldn’t NOT go to Chihuly Garden & Glass and the Space Needle!

Apparently there’s some kind of moral controversy revolving around Chihuly Garden & Glass if you care to look into it. We still went in despite the protesters outside and it truly was an amazing site inside. My absolute FAVORITE display was the Mille Fiori portraying somewhat of an underwater garden (I didn’t snap any pictures of this particular gallery because I was too busy drooling over it in person!) but it’s a definite must-see if your soul feeds on breathtaking colors and whimsical perfection. Fair warning though: it doesn’t take long to walk through Chihuly’s art gallery… His work is immaculate but the experience viewing it can be rather short-lived.


Definitely wouldn’t mind either of these installations adorning my ceilings at home!!

I honestly considered this as a possible wedding venue (as many people do & no I’m not engaged lol but people like to dream). The glass, the color, the mix of glass and garden outdoors, the view of the Space Needle from within the asymmetrical greenhouse of a dome – seriously breathtaking.


Views from the Space Needle..


Outside of Chihuly Garden and Glass & the Space Needle are various restaurants and entertainers of sorts. It almost felt as if we had entered a mini theme park!

Star Wars didn’t exactly bring us together but I definitely feel like its part of the foundation of our relationship so we couldn’t pass up this opportunity LOL


Another stop on our list: Fremont Brewing Co.

My boyfriend is a true beer fanatic (he’s even managed to make me like IPAs!)
The atmosphere of craft breweries are always really chill and more and more are popping up everywhere! This particular one had complimentary pretzels and apples (yep, whole apples!) available to enjoy with your beer. Totally thought the apple thing was weird at first, but I ate one! Lol

We also snagged some sweet Fremont Brewing Co glassware and a super soft zip-up hoodie for my love that reads “Because Beer Matters” on the back.


Isn’t he such a model?! ^^^  ;D

One of the places on everyone’s to-eat list: Serious Pie!

Lame pic I know 😦 But there’s Serious Pies spread throughout the city, and I definitely recommend it!


Another place I HIGHLY suggest: Rumba on Pike
Dope little spot with the yummiest tacos!!! We tried all three (mushroom, fish, & pulled pork) and couldn’t decide which one our favorite was! Well.. I couldn’t at least.

One final Seattle note: With the exception of the ferry, we walked everywhere mentioned above! Luckily we had great weather the whole time we were there, but if you do plan to walk, wear comfy shoes! Seattle was definitely a lot more hilly than I expected.

Thanks for taking this little walk down memory lane with me!


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