We had another quick getaway this past weekend to good ol’ Idaho!
What’s in Idaho, right? Lol that’s what I said.
Daniel’s cousin lives in Twin Falls & just had a baby so we went to visit but the views were truly incredible!
[Photos following end of text]

We flew in to Boise & drove two quick hours to Twin Falls – seriously it felt quick but maybe that’s because I wasn’t driving (& there never seems to be any traffic in ID)! But it was a gorgeous scenic view of pure white snow in every direction.

It was about 13-20 degrees while we were there & being from California, neither of us had much of a wardrobe fit for playing in snow but we made it work. The snow was so fresh & powdery, our attempt at a snowman was a total fail but we sure did manage to make their front yard a mess lol. Oh, we also didn’t bring our sunnies which is a total necessity if you plan on being out in the blinding white snow!
& how cute is baby Sage in his little polar bear onesie?! Ugh, I melt.

Our second night, we took a quick drive into the snow covered hills for a little bit of shooting (because that’s what Idahoans do, along with fly-fishing) & it was amazing. Nothing but nature in sight.

On the third day, we headed out to Shoshone falls (unsure of trail conditions). Turns out the road was closed off to vehicles but the hike down was so much better anyway! That’s where we came across THE MOST amazing scene of snow and ice that pretty much looked like an art installation in a snow-themed theme park. ❤ Once we got down to the scenic overlook, the actual waterfalls were nothing compared to the vast falls in pictures online – water levels were low. But the rest of the view was still breathtaking.

We also stopped by their Visitor Center and bought water for $1.20 to which I genuinely said “Wow” in a breathy response, amazed that it wasn’t at least 3 or 4 bucks like any other place in California. & from outside the visitor center we were able to get a good view of the Perrine Bridge & Snake River.

Can’t wait to go back & see what it’s like in the summer! ❤

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