National Jewel Day



Of course I had to make a post in honor of the day that honors jewels and jewelers alike!
How do you observe this holiday? By gifting (a friend or yourself) a gorgeous set of jewels, supporting your fave jewelers (or jewelry stylists ;p), OR simply by raiding the accessory drawer you already have and rocking your hottest piece of jewelry!

I’ve come up with 10 different categories to help highlight some of our collection’s must-sees!!


Sutton Necklace

Screenshot (318)

So the Sutton Necklace was an obvious pick for this category. Why? Because every single trunk show I have, some one falls in love with this beauty as soon as I start demonstrating its wearability & versatility! EVERY. SINGLE. TRUNK SHOW. & luckily it comes in a mixed metal, an all gold, and an all silver version so there’s one that’s just right for everyone! This piece can be worn 5 different ways and makes for the perfect piece to transition from a fun brunch with the girls, to a formal meeting at the workplace, to a hot date night with your main squeeze. The fact that you can adjust the length AND adjust the level of sparkle = wardrobe must-have! [The fifth way not pictured is worn long like the bottom right picture minus the detachable sparkle strand for a more subtle statement]

Zoe Lariat


Stella & Dot is known for the versatility in its pieces. But when it comes to the ‘best’ of this category, it was another obvious pick. the Zoe Lariat is my all-time favorite piece to show off to my girlfriends and trunk show guests & continues to be a bestseller. There are so many gorgeous ways to wear this piece that I even made a video for it! The hematite version as pictured above mixes gold, rose gold, hematite & czech stones on a white bronze plated brass chain. A gold version is also available featuring more neutral beading, i.e. vintage gold and white, and shiny gold drops to anchor the chain. Aside from the versatility, I also absolutely love the weight & texture of this piece. Not only is it a hearty salute to it’s craftsmanship but it creates stability when knotting it so you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting it as you go about slaying the day.


Covet Initial Necklace

Screenshot (319)

Everyone has something that they keep with them every single day, maybe for sentimental value, maybe for luck, maybe out of pure habit. This stunning initial necklace is from our luxe Covet line, crafted with conflict-free diamonds and available in 14k yellow-gold or white gold (black diamonds are also available). I chose this piece not only because it’s delicate and therefore can be worn at all times of the day and for all occasions but because the initial makes it powerful. It may be a personalized gift from a loved one reminding you to be wholly and beautifully you or you might get it for yourself as a representation and daily reminder of the ones you hold closest. My sister purchased hers and hasn’t taken it off since!

York Necklace

Screenshot (321)

This gem stole the hearts of all our stylists. There is so much detail in this piece and the way our amazing design team was able to incorporate all of these gorgeous hues into one cohesive statement is pure brilliance. Although slightly intimidating at first glance, I chose the York Necklace, not only for its obvious pop of color, but for its surprising versatility. Not only does it look AMAZING against virtually any top as seen above, it can also be worn four different ways! How you ask? You can wear rock it as pictured, easily separate the York pendant & chain from the tortoise collar to wear either piece alone, or flip the the tortoise strand for a solid gold finish.
IG photo credit top left to bottom right: @uppercaseLphotography | @gosiawillemse | @joannasstyle | @stelladot


Starburst Ear Jacket & Deco Cocktail Ring

Screenshot (322)

This one was a toughy for me to choose because there’s so much sparkle I die for!! But I had to stay true to the category and pick the pieces I feel pack the MOST sparkle. Both the Starburst Ear Jackets and the Deco Cocktail Ring are perfect accessories for any special occasion and are sure to catch the attention of everyone you walk past. Classic, elegant, luxurious, and both under $50! Show up & SHOW OUT without having to worry about losing your most valuable jewels. P.S. Have I mentioned the Starburst Ear Jackets come with a set of pearl studs that you can alternate with or even wear alone?!

The Asher Set

Screenshot (325)

The Asher Set won it for me in this category because it involved a new technique from our top notch design studio. So much love & passion go into the crafting of our collection, from hand made molds and hand set pave stones to custom motifs and custom prints. But for this particular set, the Asher Necklace and matching earrings, we are lured by these faux feather motifs that have been hand painted with black lines. Talk about made with love! If you want something a little more neutral, no worries – just flip the necklace over for an always chic gold and white combo.
IG photo credit: @stelladot | @blythe.harris 

Celestial Choker

Screenshot (328).png

I am absolutely obsessed with the Celestial choker necklace. It’s delicate and lightweight but still brings added detail to your look. And because it’s not a true choker and has plenty of flexibility, it’s so easy to pair with all the necklaces you already own! Plus, it’s available in both gold and silver. Layer it with multiple delicates, longer pendants, or statement necklaces! Trust me, the layered look is definitely a trend that’s here to stay.
IG photo credit: @sdjessharvey | @katrinagwen | @ministylemommy | @styled_by_cassieg | @stelladot | @jenagreen920


Quinn Cuff

Screenshot (332)

Another tough call category. How do I choose the best layering bracelet? Do I go with simplicity i.e. the simple knot cuff (1), that can be squeezed into any arm party with ease? Do I choose texture like the renegade cluster bracelet (2)- the celebrity-adored, classic best seller, that adds edgy dimension? Or do I go for something with a little more substance like the thicker Ainsley Cuff (3)? Well, as you can see from the picture above, after much deliberation, I chose the Quinn cuff. First and foremost because it’s a layered look in itself! Five hammered bangles, all connected & therefore never crossing over each other begging to be constantly straightened out. Even with the addition of just one other bracelet or watch, you’ve made a killer arm party! Second, a great layering foundation shouldn’t be the star of the show but merely create the stage – I love that the Quinn is a plain solid & has no embellishment. Along with the knot cuff and the renegade, the Quinn comes in both silver and gold.

Samar Fringe Necklace

Screenshot (330)

Hand-braiding, and fringe, and medallions.. oh my!! There is no way possible you can walk past this necklace without it catching your eye and making you curious. A new piece from our sneak peak summer collection, the Samar Fringe Necklace has thrown our stylists for a fashionable loop and I cannot wait to see how all of you beauties plan to style this! Personally, I see a lot of warm summer night festivals in Samar’s future. 😉 Who says an exciting necklace can’t lead to an exciting adventure?

Jett Charm Necklace

Screenshot (334)

I am seriously obsessed with this!! The Jett Charm Necklace has the CUTEST collection of charms (the pineapple has to be my favorite of the bunch). This piece is so youthful and just captures the fun and adventure that comes along with travel. It gives off this incredibly whimsical yet nostalgic feel that I’m sure every traveler, experienced and aspiring, would truly enjoy. I especially love it paired against this black & white striped top as @empoweredelaine has it styled!


Well that’s all for my list!

Do you have any favorites that you just drooled over?! & what pieces do you already own that you know you could never fall out of love with? Leave a comment – I’d love to know!



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