My love and I recently went to Tennessee for a quick 4 days to visit his family and celebrate his cousin’s birthday.

The first thing on our to-do list was to go to Centennial Park to check out the Parthenon. This full size replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece was complete with the grandest double doors, an art museum on the lower level, and an absolutely incredible 41′ 10″ replica of Greek goddess Athena on the upper level. Admission was $6 for adults and $4 or less for 17 y.o. & younger.

We then visited UrbanJuicer, a dope spot for all you natural juice lovers, before heading over to the Gulch, a cute little district downtown. The Gulch had a handful of great shops & restaurants. We wandered into Two Old Hippies which was listed as a guitar shop online but was way more than that! It had an array of merchandise from accessories and (overpriced but super cute) clothing, to books and fun kitchenware, and of course a separate room in back for guitars. I picked up these super fun ‘snarky’ tea canisters there 😉 lol

Down the block was the British pub named the Pub. I’m pretty obsessed with the architecture of this place. Inside was a site worth seeing as well – a large bar, ornate ceilings, a ‘Pour Your Own Beer’ tap, semi-private rooms, and even dartboards and a foosball table! Unfortunately, the food came short of my expectations. A bit pricey for such small portions & a lack of flavor. But I’d still recommend it if you’re just looking for a laid back place to have some drinks!

I don’t know why I didn’t take a pic, but the Gulch is also where you can snap an IG-worthy pic with these big beautiful angel wings.

image courtesy of Google


To top the night off, we went to a dope spot called Kung Fu Saloon. It was a super fun local bar/arcade/karoake spot where I may or may not have gotten a little too wasted.. X _ x The next night, because we Were there to celebrate after all, we went to a bar closer to where they lived called TNT Billiards Bar & Grill. It had pool tables, karaoke, dartboards, and video & arcade games. The downside (for me & Daniel at least) was that this place still allows smoking inside! Can you believe that?

Before we had to catch our flight, we made a point to go downtown Nashville and check a few things off our list. We had brunch at this amazing spot called Southern Steak & Oyster. I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND IT!! My love ordered a local IPA and the Crab Cake Hash, I had a Blood Orange Mimosa and the Shrimp & Grits, we split the Breaux Bros Gumbo, AND our server was so great he treated us to a complimentary Bread Pudding dessert. It. Was. All. BOMB. That was my first time having grits and I am officially the biggest of fans!!

While waiting for our table there we were able to walk across the street and briefly check out the Country Music Hall of Fame.

(^ shoutout to my new homegirl wherever you are now) 


A few blocks from Southern Steak & Oyster was the famous Honky Tonk Central! Think Las Vegas, extreme country version. Instead of shops full of bejeweled trucker hats and club attire, you had more than enough options for cowboy boot browsing. & of course, there were bars and saloons everywhere you looked with live country music blaring through each one. Mind you we went during the day on Saturday but I don’t think even Vegas has that many people packed per block! Oh, and apparently those ‘bike & drink’ pedal-powered pubcrawlers are THE thing to do there lol.

Did you realize homeboy on the right isn’t wearing a shirt? Bc I just noticed LOL

Then we trekked slightly uphill to the Hermitage Hotel. For one, it’s famous for it’s men’s restroom. That’s right! We went to see a bathroom ha! But this art deco restoom striped with black and an almost neon green complete with shoe-shining chairs has won awards for Best Bathroom in America. It’s become so popular, men AND women are allowed to venture in to sneak a peak. But aside from this blast from the past washroom, the hotel is absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth walking into just to admire the breathtaking grand lobby.

Just a few blocks away from there is Printer’s Alley, appropriately named for it being the original hot spot of newspaper printers. This tiny alley consists of just a few lively bars where jazz and country musicians alike come to entertain and drink & dance the night away.

Then it was time for our goodbyes (after another hour and a half of pounding back beers and shots with the family making denied entry onto our flight a real concern of mine lol).

P.S. His little cousins were the sweetest girls ever & sent us away with hand-picked flowers. ❤

Wish we could’ve stayed a little longer to hang with the fam & explore more.
Till next time, Nashville!

Thanks for reading & stay adventurous my friends! ❤



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