Baby Spice Goes to Nashville

The title is inspired by a friend’s comment lol – I don’t seriously go around thinking I’m Baby Spice (…Not anymore at least 😂😂😂😂)

With all the short trips I’ve been taking lately, I’ve been making it a point to pack lightly (the complete opposite of how I used to pack!) As much as I would love to plan everyday’s outfit ahead of time, it just never pans out. So I throw in pieces that are more versatile. This outfit was basically the result of last day leftovers, but I ended up really digging the full look!

I’m wearing a lightweight Obey tee knotted at the waist, my fave pair of high-waisted distressed to the max denim, my button-down calf-length sweater that I almost always bring with me on vacays, olive green pointed toe pumps with an ankle strap from Aldo, and my three everyday necklaces including an engravable with my birthdate in roman numerals and a Swarovski pendant that my mom and sister also have. ❤️ Oh, & my Stella & Dot clutch! Duh. 😉

We spent a few hours wandering around downtown Nashville. The above photos are taken in the restrooms of the famous & luxuriously grand Hermitage Hotel.

The first restroom is actually a famous Nashville sight-to-see! but the second restroom – I just couldn’t resist it’s gold gorgeousness! ❤

Daniel’s nieces were the sweetest little girls and picked flowers for us before we left (and after I changed into my airplane-cozy fatpants 😂).

Sorry I didn’t have any close-ups. I’ll do better lol.

Till next time, Nashville!


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