Surprise! Daniel and I are expecting a little one and we could not be more excited!! ❤

The ‘next adventure’ idea was Daniel’s and we were originally going to take a 3-piece family set of luggage to the airport and do our photoshoot there. I’m a flight attendant so I absolutely loved the idea. But, after more thought went into this idea, I remembered how a lot of our pilots own their own planes and thought we could up the anti by having our photoshoot in front of an actual plane! After a couple conversations with different pilots, we ended up driving over to the Concord Jet Center.

There’s a handful of hangars nearby where we live, and none of the three Daniel called got back to us to approve the photoshoot – including Concord Jet Center.

Regardless, we both had the day off so we decided to just drive over there. This was the first hangar we visited, and although the receptionist seemed on the verge to shoot us down, she asked the owner and he was all for it! The best part? They didn’t ask for anything in return! 2 days later, we came in to do our shoot! They towed the plane out of the hangar, opened up the plane, and just let us be – it was SO much fun! & of course, with Daniel working at a brewery, we brought them a few growlers of Drake’s beer as a gesture of gratitude.

I really wanted a fun look for this shoot, and I knew this bold yellow trumpet skirt was perfect the second I laid eyes on it! I tried to make my hair somewhat presentable LOL and curled it real quick with my wand. Then I finished the look with a simple layered necklace and a colorful earring to match my festive skirt.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I do! ❤
Huge shout out to our photog of the day: Zach Soares

Screenshot (419)



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