Baby Shower

This past weekend we had our baby shower for our baby girl, Leila Rey, due to arrive February 3, 2018. I’m a huge animal lover and chose a ‘Safari Chic’ theme for the shower.

I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to my momma and sissy for helping with all the decor and planning ❤
Here’s a look at everything we put together!

My mom purchased different vines, plants, and safari animals to spread throughout the shower. We were originally going to do a circular vine around Leila Rey’s name, but my mom found some plywood laying around in the garage and fashioned it together to create a base for the frame. The frame consists of a few faux vines and was then filled with real vines and leaves for a fuller, more natural look. The name itself was hand-lettered and hand-cut by my amazing sister!

She also did the sign for the Gifts area and penned ‘Cards’ onto the card box. The frame around ‘Gifts’ is what the frame around ‘Leila Rey’ looked like in the beginning. We decided to keep that one simple though.

The ridiculously adorable diaper cake was actually made by my super talented coworker – she even hand-knitted that cute octopus!! You can see more of her amazing creations here.

Before I even decided on a theme, I knew I had wanted to create big, bold letters for her shower (despite the fact that it didn’t exactly match the safari theme lol). This was my take on floral letters I had seen all throughout Pinterest. I knew I wanted to actually spell out Leila versus just creating one letter or her initials, but I also knew I wanted the letters big, and that one meant one heck of a budget to get all those flowers to completely fill each letter. With that in mind, I decided on creating an outlined version with chic gold studs!

The letters are completely handmade. Luckily, we had tons of packages coming in, so I had a LOT of big cardboard pieces to work with. I worked on the letters sporadically throughout the month (with the usual panicked anxiety rush the very last week prior). The letters itself are made with cardboard and extra strength packaging tape. Then I cut out the inside of the front of each letter for the flowers later on. I covered each letter in white wrapping paper and meticulously hand-studded them with gold thumb tacks. I super glued floral styrofoam into each letter, and then FINALLY was able to finish them off with various fake flowers cut from bunches bought (mostly) at Wal-Mart. The flowers were basically what cost me and I spent around ~$60 total to create these.

Ok, can I just say I am OBSESSED with how our favors turned out! My momma is the genius behind the idea and created about ~50 of these homemade bath bombs! They’re super simple to make and she had most of the ingredients already. She also ordered the ‘Little Princess’ favor boxes, but my sissy had these awesome gold geometric boxes leftover from another event, so we decided to use them both. & to tie it all together – this AMAZING leaf ribbon/garland! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEDDD the way it looked and how it tied the favors into the safari theme perfectly! PLUS, my mom found it on Amazon – it was 291 feet for only 6 BUCKS!!!! They are a little bit of a pain to tie compared to regular ribbon, because you have to make sure to pull the leaves over too, but in my opinion, it was well worth the effort!


Throughout the shower, we played various games to engage our guests. I handmade these baby shower games to fit my vision for the baby shower theme. (The Baby Babble game was accidentally printed a smaller size lol, but I wasn’t going to waste all that paper!) The tasting games and the baby shower bingo were definitely the most popular!

Because I loved how these games turned out, I decided to create an Etsy shop and make them all available for download! Click here to shop & don’t forget to favorite my shop because I plan on creating more themed bundles!

We also played a Minute-to-Win-it game in which you have to hold a chopstick in your mouth and have one minute to get as many binkys on it as possible without using your hands. It was a TON of fun to watch and I definitely recommend it for your baby shower!


– – – – –

All in all, it was such a great shower with tons of family and friends. We are over the moon pleased with how everything turned out and can’t believe how truly blessed we are to have been surrounded by so much love and excitement for the future arrival of our baby girl! ❤







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  1. This is so cute! I love all these pictures. Such a pretty name too.

    xo Logan


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