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This #fashionfix is in celebration of Mother’s Day!

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As a new momma myself, I know how easy it is to put your own personal care aside. Prior to baby, I was that girl that was always overdressed and loving it – nails done, and heels on! After baby, I had gone so long without a real manicure and even tried painting my nails myself (which was miserable lol). Then my sister kindly reminded me, “Please don’t let yourself go” while offering to do my nails ha! The first couple occasions which called for dressier attire really helped me feel like myself again! There is definitely no shame in spending a little time on yourself. Throw on your favorite outfit and treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous new accessories. If looking good makes you feel good (which we all know it does), why not invest a little time in it? Your confidence and overall better attitude will reflect in how your day goes and how your beautiful children grow up to be. ❤

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