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My cousin recently had her debut, which is a traditional Filipino event for when a young woman turns 18. Sunflowers were her theme and I created this free-standing sunflower ‘M’ to be displayed among her gifts. This particular letter was about 14″ tall and 3″ in depth, made of cardboard, covered in fabric, and adorned with faux sunflowers!


The idea was inspired by floral letters I made for my own baby shower, spelling out my daughter’s name, Leila. They were a total labor of love but I absolutely LOVED how they came out! These were also made with cardboard, but covered in white wrapping paper, adorned with faux flowers, and for a touch of glam – studded with a border of gold thumb tacks. They were 2 ft tall and 6 inches in depth.


The initial process when making Leila’s letters was a little different, as obviously it was my first time, however you can watch how I created the sunflower ‘M’ below. & of course, if you have any questions – just leave a comment down below! :

 Hope you enjoyed this DIY!

For LOCAL inquiries (Contra Costa County / Alameda County), I do accept commissioned work beginning at $60 PER letter (standing at 2 ft tall). Serious inquiries may be emailed to me at kjuga@me.com

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