My daughter’s 2nd birthday is right around the corner! And by right around the corner, I mean in February LOL but you know this momma likes to think about these things ahead of time! My original thought was a Winnie the Pooh theme (i.e. “Turning Two with Winnie the Pooh!”) and when I began brainstorming party décor ideas within this theme, the owl’s room with all his books came to mind. The funny thing is, I actually haven’t watched the movie in forever and I haven’t been able to find any images confirming this memory of the room with all the books SO if I’m totally wrong and that never existed feel free to let me know haha. BUT – the great thing about this project is that if it doesn’t happen to have any relation to my original Winne the Pooh theme, then these ‘birthday books’ can totally be immersed in a completely different theme like maybe Beauty and the Beast! Either way, this is such a fun project for party displays or even just DIY home décor.


So far these are the only four I have completed, but I definitely want to have at least one more stack and may begin playing with the addition of different colors. I just need to figure out more fun titles that can fit into the theme, but that’s the exciting part of this project – the ability to customize each of the book titles!

As you’ll see in my DIY video linked at the end, I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect technique to get this look of the faux pages, and, you guys… ITS SO EASY!


I love how it can just be incorporated into our regular bookshelf once the celebration is over and done with! What do you guys think?!
Be sure to watch my DIY video below, and leave a comment with what you thought!

For the full how-to:

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