DIY Sprinkle Themed Baby Shower


Last month, my momma put together the CUTEST EVER Baby Sprinkle for our future daughter, Evelyn (due December 28th!) I had the ‘brilliant’ idea of doing a “sprinkle” theme because I’ve definitely been going through a creative dry spell – or maybe I’m just too pregnant to put any energy into creative brainstorming. Either way, my mom took the Sprinkle theme and ran with it and it came out beautifully! Keep scrolling to see all the cute deets and then make sure to check out the YouTube videos linked at the end for more in depth detail AND a full tutorial on how to make those giant ice cream cone centerpieces!

IMG_20191005_231043IMG_20191005_225651IMG_20191005_154618IMG_20191005_154544IMG_20191005_153359IMG_20191005_153354IMG_20191005_15320872538792_2852463108106556_6287060478929666048_n72909442_2852463161439884_3858195901117890560_n73458797_2852463224773211_4513975594047766528_n73524526_2852463278106539_2173998070256107520_n73533158_2852463324773201_8988905786436485120_n74990777_2852463361439864_8493079205414699008_n75640749_2852463044773229_5591830506363682816_n (1)

Hope you loved it! Check out my YouTube videos for more in depth detail & don’t forget to subscribe! XO

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