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me Krystal Jugarap || Bay Area, California
I’m a lover of life and believer in doing everything with passion. My current office is 35,000 ft in the air as a flight attendant as well as an office full of gorgeous accessories on the ground as an independent stylist for Stella & Dot. This website is truly my baby & is made with pure love. I have a couple secret projects I’m working on that hopefully you’ll get to see soon, but until then, enjoy! 😉



Constantly overdressed & totally loving it!

Oldest Obsession? SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. My heel obsession began in High School – and they’re what I’m known for! Don’t be surprised if I throw a pair on for a quick Target run!
Go-to Look?  Sporty-chic, for sure! Nothing beats a pair of joggers with 4 inch heels.
Guilty Pleasure? Boyfriend shirts – I LOVE an oversized shirt paired with some thigh high boots (pretty much falls into the sporty-chic category lol). It’s the perfect combination of sentimental & sexy 😉

What’s STELLA & DOT?
I started my journey as an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot early 2014. I’ve had the entrepreneurial mindset since I was a kid and have tried different ventures here and there from selling vitamins to … something that has to do with housing/escrow (who the heck knows what that was about?!). Then came Stella & Dot – a brilliant company of drop dead gorgeous accessories. It’s fun, fashionable, FULL of fabulous women & most importantly, it’s ME. It totally falls in line with my passion for all things pretty. I love to meet new people and socialize over something I truly, genuinely feel nothing but excitement over. As an Independent Stylist, I bring the all the pretty jewels to the homes of gorgeous women like you and have trunk shows to show off its amazing versatility, share the best style tips, and shop with you and your girlfriends! For more details, click here.

I’ve always loved to just create. I love hand-made cards. I love creating fashion editorials. I love thinking about how I’m going to make my (or my brother’s) next Halloween costume. The feeling of creating something out of nothing is incomparable – and that’s definitely why being a merchandiser was my favorite job of all time. Sometimes you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the details and just start creating! ❤

  • All of the graphics / editorials I’ve made can be viewed here. In need of a custom marketing image / promo? Email me and I’d love to help you out!

LOVE WHAT YOU SEE? Connect with me!
I would love to talk all things creative with you whether you need help styling for a specific occasion, you’d love to know more about the Stella & Dot business, you’re interested in hosting a Trunk Show, or you have fun DIY challenges for me!

Email  |  kjuga@me.com
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Thanks for visiting Gorgeous & I hope you enjoy! ❤

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