Host a Trunk Show

Hosting a Trunk Show is simple!
You invite your girlfriends, and I’ll do the rest!

—– Trunk Show FAQS —–

What is a Trunk Show?

A trunk show is SO MUCH FUN – that’s what! 😀
A trunk show is an amazing opportunity to shop the newest collections from the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect time to sip on some champagne and mix & mingle with some of your favorite & most stylish people all the while getting to TRY ON all of our gorgeous jewels! That’s right, I, your stylist, will bring all of my samples over to Your home for you and your friends to shop! You have the opportunity to experience first-hand the incredible versatility of our pieces and be able to really see the amazing detail and quality of each piece. As your stylist, I will also share some of the season’s hottest trends and offer one-on-one styling assistance to you and each of your guests.


What does it mean to host?

As a trunk show hostess, your job is to round up your girlfriends, your relatives, your coworkers & anyone else you can think of (the more the merrier)! If you like, you can prepare appetizers and light cocktails for your guests but that’s completely up to you. The only other thing needed for you to provide is some kind of available space to set up the jewels – big or small, us stylists are pretty savvy with our set-up displays! During the show, I take care of the introduction and product details & you just enjoy the rest of the show shopping with your girlfriends!

How long does a trunk show last?

Trunk shows are typically 2 hours long. Set up and clean up take approximately 30 mins before and after the show.

Do I get any kind of reward from being a hostess?

How does a mini shopping spree sound? As a thank you for being a hostess, you receive free product credit plus a number of items for half off once your show qualifies.* On average, hostesses receive $100 – $250+ in FREE product credit plus 3-4 items at half off!

What does it mean for a show to qualify?

For a show to qualify, it must have at least $300 in retail sales and 4 unique orders.

—– Trunk Show Common Concerns —–

I don’t have that many girlfriends.

Chances are, you’ve overlooked a number of social circles in your life – Bring your mom & her coworkers, invite your dentist to come along, round up the neighbors! Even if all contacts have been exhausted, no show is too small. We’ll turn your trunk show of you and your two best friends into a really fun personal styling session!

Not all of my friends can make it on that date.

That’s fine! Realistically, you will never have a date that works for everyone and that goes for all occasions, not just trunk shows.  Let’s set a date, the folks that can come will come and we’ll reach out to all your other guests that weren’t able to make it after the show to get their orders in!

I don’t have a very big place.

Space is never an issue! Trunk show displays have been set up on single ottomans and on hostesses’ beds! & If you really prefer to not have it at your place due to lack of space there are always other options like coffee houses or dinner parties at a restaurant. With summer coming up, we can even snag a picnic table at the park & you and your friends can stick around after the show for a barbecue!

My friends don’t wear that much jewelry.

Our line is constantly expanding! We also carry bags, clutches, scarves and watches. OH, and our Summer 2016 collection will also be the launch of our first line of tunics and sunglasses!




So what do you think – Ready to host & earn free jewels?!
Email me at and let’s set a date!

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