The First Post

How does anyone decide what to post for their very first post?

This is my intro into the world of blogging and I sit here with my mind going in a million directions. But I guess that sums this page up rather accurately. Multi-faceted, easily bored and therefore rather [UN]focused – I just wanted a space to unleash my creative cravings.

I’ll be posting photos mainly of my fashion sense, and bits here and there of my home decor and fun DIY creations for year-round occasions!

Enjoy ❤

P.S. I am a Stella & Dot Stylist which you’ll be seeing throughout some photos 😉 Check out my website if you’re interested in purchasing the pieces in my photos!

Wearing Stella & Dot Scarf & Bracelet, Burberry Watch.
Wearing Stella & Dot Scarf & Bracelet, Burberry Watch